Friday, May 2, 2008

How Tp Make Enough Money To Quit Your Job!

Success is just 90 days from now!

The age old question is.....


90 days from TODAY, you could be,


Would you like that? Sure you would. What is it worth to you to be able to QUIT your low paying job?

Seriously.... how many people do YOU KNOW PERSONALLY, that would like to be able to QUIT their job and have a residual monthly income of 5 to 15 Grand a month?

Think about it for a minute. If someone asked you that question, what would you say? Yes? No? Maybe? I don't know?

This is NO JOKE! People are making SIX FIGURES A MONTH by working at home promoting many kinds of programs on the Internet. Would you like to make SIX FIGURES A MONTH? I thought so....

I have a plan for you to follow that is so easy, you could do it in your sleep. Actually, once set up, you will automatically be making money while you sleep, while you eat, while you watch a movie, on vacation, it won't matter, because it will generate an income for you and all you will have to do is transfer your money from one account to another! That's it! You may have to work a couple of hours to get started, but after that, you wont have to "WORK" ever again in this LIFE!

That's an INCREDIBLE concept, but guess what? It is REAL!

What do I have to do? you ask.... Just find 5 people, like yourself, who want to make enough money to be able to QUIT THEIR JOB, Too! That's it! How long will you need to find them is up to you. Once that is done, YOU'RE DONE! They will now work for YOU! You just "hired" 5 people to do what you did, get 5 more people to get 5 more people down 5 levels, for a total of 3905 people, That's a 5x5 Matrix and you will make $78,000 and have about 15 Grand a month coming in every month "automatically' and you wont ever have to do a damn thing but spend your money.

Do you think you can find 5 people to join you? In THIS Economy? I'm POSITIVE you can do it and so can your people and so on.

Once started it is unstoppable, not that you would want to stop it. For more information read this information and send me an e mail.

Friday, April 4, 2008

So,You want to Quit Your Job?

GOOD! I'm GLAD you're here!

Let me start by saying this,


It was "THE BIG LIE!" You don't HAVE to work HARD to make money!


Most of us, especially the Baby Boomers, like myself, were taught that you HAVE to go to school, get a GOOD education, get a GOOD JOB and then you could live happily ever after.... NOT!

You don't really need all that, because there is a better way to make MONEY than working your ASS OFF for someone ELSE to get RICH based on YOUR EFFORTS! The Government DEPENDS on YOU working so it can EXTRACT it's "POUND OF FLESH" from you BEFORE you get PAID!

Someone once said, "If the American worker received their FULL paycheck and had to PAY EACH DEDUCTION seperately to the Government, there would be BLOOD IN THE STREETS!

I AGREE, but that is why the Government does it that way. Most people have NO IDEA how much is taken from them EVERY WEEK, do you? Don't forget the MATCHING Social Security that your Boss pays on your behalf, that could be going in your paycheck instead of to the Government. (Self employed people already know about this, because they pay the FULL amount to the Government.) THAT alone could be another 7% added to your "Take home pay", no small amountwhen you look at it annually. On average people pay $3,000 a year into Social Security. Imagine all that going into YOUR 401K account? If you do that for the 40 years you will be working, you could RETIRE on that ALONE!

That is what MY plan will FIX for you.

Do you KNOW at least 5 people, maybe close friends who would like to make up to 80 Grand, that's 80 Thousand Dollars, in as little as 90 Days from TODAY?

At the SAME TIME, you could have a Residual Income of 5 to 15 Thousand Dollars a MONTH coming in EVERY MONTH, FOREVER!

Could you LIVE on that? Oh YEAH!

Would it matter how much ANYTHING costs from then on? I don't think so!

That's what I'm talking about!

OK! Here's the link for more information.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You've been Lied To All Your Life!

The old adage that's taught is this; You have to go to school and get a good education, graduate, preferably from College. Then you can enter the workforce armed with a degree of some sort and take your place in Society, work hard for forty years or so, then retire on a pension for the rest of your life.

That was once the American Dream for most people, maybe through the late Seventy's, or so. Now, today, there's the American Nightmare, that has become the REALITY! No longer can we depend on a GOOD Education, College is out of reach by MOST American children. A GOOD JOB is nearly Non-existent, most of those have been exported.

40 some odd years of work don't amount to anything anymore, much less a pension. And speaking of pensions, the Government has mis-appropriated all the funds in the biggest pension plan in America and spent them frivolously on other matters, such as giving themselves raises.

No wonder we Americans are in trouble. Let's see.... a poor education, a minimum wage job, no pension, no savings and nothing but debt to show for it. The Economy is in the Toilet, thank you George Bush, people are losing their homes in record numbers, jobs are being exported, STILL, and people are being layed off, also in record numbers. Where are we heading? Where are YOU heading?

Now I must try to teach you what society has not!

You don't need a fancy education!
You won't need a J.O.B.

All you need is a support group, your family and friends will do nicely.

I don't care if you are 20 or 80, if you join my club and participate in recruiting new members, you will be rewarded handsomely. So handsomely, in fact, that you will NEVER have to work ever again! Not only that, you will be able to retire with a pension, (residual income) that will ELIMINATE Social Security in no time.

If this sounds INCREDIBLE, believe me, I thought so too. But if you follow my plan you should have no problem achieving the Goals I projected. It will work for you as well as the next person, simply because of the potentially lucrative outcome. Isn't that why we DO things? We project an outcome and go ahead and do it. If the results are not as expected, we adjust and try again, don't we?

That reminds me of another old adage, "if at first you don't succeed, try again?" You are probably aware of it. All inventors have had to face this and guess what? We have a Society with all sorts of people who are successful in spite of the odds that were against them. Tell that to the BEE, who aerodynamically shouldn't be able to fly, but it does!

So when you see my club and program you will understand what I am talking about. A SIMPLE program with a SIMPLE way to market such a program SIMPLY HAS TO WORK! History has PROVEN that this simple program works every time! It's simply a numbers game. You will NEVER be able to "sell" everyone you know to join my club, but once you point out the potential and benefits, they may be persuaded. Just don't twist their arm too much, ya know? I will guarantee they will be twisting YOUR arm when they see YOU making money from this.

For more information and more details, visit my website:

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Quit Your Job In 90 Days!

Oh yes! Now you can quit your job inn as little as 90 days from now!A simple program with a Double Barrel Shotgun approach to Finance is sweeping the Internet with tales of allowing people to be able to retire with enough money in the Bank and a residual Income of 15 GRAND a month in 90 days or less!

I know it sounds INCREDIBLE, but it has worked for years and has allowed even the largest of major Corporations to make Billions using the same strategy. some of them are household names. Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, Fuller Brush, Kirby, Shaklee, Sears, so many others too numerous to list. But you get the idea, if a product works or a plan is credible then it will be promoted by people who are satisfied with the results of their decision to participate.

The timing could not be better, because people are losing their homes at record numbers, their Cars, even their jobs, leaving for them a grim future indeed. This plan, or Private Club, will give hope to people who cannot find work and are worried that the worst is yet to come. If you are one of these, please contact me right away. I will assist you in anyway that I can. My door is always open and I answer ALL my emails personally. If money is an issue contact me anyway, I will not turn my back on anyone due to being financially challenged. Been there, done that! I know how it feels to wish things were better than they are.

So without another word, please send me an email for more information on how you can participate and change the direction you are heading. My goal is to enjoy a 4th of July in Las Vegas, and meet some of my new friends there to share stories with and enjoy life to the fullest. Are you with me?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quit Your Job Money! Insane!

You CAN earn "QUIT YOUR JOB MONEY" in 90 Days!

What do you want to do? I have a PLAN that WORKS! My Plan has worked for years and will continue to work as long as people will will participate in it. The REASON that they WILL participate, is SIMPLE! They will make MONEY, PERIOD! An Internet program will only become successful if it does ONE thing BEST and that's to enrichen the participants. My program will do that in SPADES! Why will it work so well? Simple, GREED! It's OK, it's a natural emotion. You can use other words, like need, desire, want, all meaning pretty much the same thing. Isn't that why people play the Lotto?

You can call it a Dollar and a Dream, if you feel better, but all play for one end result, lots and lots of money. I've never been greedy, not in that sense, anyway, but I DO want to make a LOT of money, that's my motivation. I call it HUNGER, when you pantry is low on food, you need to fill it. My pockets are low and I need to fill them, how about you? There's too much going out and not enough coming in, ya know? Wouldn't you like to be a Millionaire? So would I.

You can take charge of your life anytime you want to. You have that choice. It's like getting a NEW JOB and not knowing what's gonna happen. Can I perform my responsibilities, or do the work I need to do to prove my worth? Do I have to? If you want to keep the JOB, yes you do. Listen to me,I want to change that for you too! I don't EVER want to KISS a Boss's ASS for any reason, neither do I want you to, ever again! My Plan will allow you to QUIT YOUR JOB as stated above, that's what my plan is all about! Not only will you make BIG MONEY up front, but my Back End will make sure you won't ever have to grovel at your bosses feet, period! Not EVER, I PROMISE! Follow my plan and you will soon see what I am talking about! We're not selling vacuum cleaners here, we're selling a RETIREMENT PROGRAM!

Do you want to retire with just a Social Security check coming in? I certainly don't, but what else is there? My program will change that FOREVER, fot YOU and for ANYONE who take part in this. That's why this program will be BIGGER that you can imagine in just a few short months until it catches on. You are now among the first to help me get this going. I have to teach you how to rethink what you have been told for years. Simply put, you will be my ARMS and LEGS, my ARMY, that will go out into the hard cruel world and tell the PEOPLE, there is a better way to make money than working for peanuts in a dead end job.

Now go to my simple website and read my words, send me an email and let's get going!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Easiest Way To Make Money On The Internet!

Do you really want to quit your job? Do you really want to retire with enogh money in the bank to do just that? I am willing to make a bet with you, are you ready?

If YOU do NOT Double Your Money In 90 Days, I will give you a FULL REFUND of your Investment! That's 90 days at NO RISK to YOU! Does the lottery do that for you if you lose? No way Jose'!

Here's the Deal! If you want to put 20K in your Pocket ALL CASH in 90 days or less, just send me an email. That's it! No story! No BS! Short and Sweet!

I'm here to SHOW YOU THE MONEY! Your Pay Pal account will be raining $25 Bills like a Snowstorm! All before the Fourth Of July! I plan on going to Vegas with my Loot and have some FUN, FUN, FUN! Do you want to MEET me? I'll be at the Venetian!

Live Long and Prosper

Friday, February 8, 2008

How To Make Money On The Internet

The phrase HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET seems rather obnoxious to me. Everyone on the Internet that has something to sell is using those words. There are litterally millions of ways to make money on the Internet each with it's own agenda. Some ebooks containing certain information relating to niche markets are doing very well these days. It's just a matter of doing a little research.

My version of how to make money on the internet requires no specialized education on your part. You merely have to follow simple instructions. It's like the Lemmings you have heard about following blindly their only purpose is to stay closely behind that person if front of them. So a follow the leader principle actually works when applied. Why change a system that works.

What I need you to understand is that it doesn't ALWAYS work for some people as well as it should and so they get discouraged and quit before they make any money. How to prevent that from happening is difficult at best. If you want to grow a Busines you have to deal with it. I tried to research why most people drop out of a potentially good program. The only thing I can come up with that makes sense, is MONEY or the lack of it. If you are not making money in a program, is it the program or something else? Usually, it's something else, especially if you see others working the program and making money at it. In my opinion it's usually the Price, but you get what you pay for, a Thousand dollar program will make you more money per sale, but far fewer sales that a 20 Dollar program. The other side is that you will have to sell a lot of 20 Dollar items to make any money.

So if you have the time I would like you to review my plan and participate if you like it. It a 2 part plan where you will earn quick money from promoting it and a long term residual income component at the back end. It will build Virally until you have a NICE Income stream that you can live on comfortably. Noone will drop out because the money is too good to pass up, so good in fact that you could quit your job in about 90 days and NEVER LOOK BACK at working again!

Isn't that worth finding more about? That's good, because I want to send you an invitation to look at my plan. All you have to do is send me a valid email that I can send my information to. Then take your time and review my plan. I think you will be impressed with it. Thanks in advance for your interest. I look foward to hearing from you.

here's the link: